Saturday, August 07, 2004

ate at the hawker's square (or wat do they call it?) area in front of centrepoint last nite. tons of pple.. but cos it was quite late le, not difficult to find seats.. actually, I dun see wat the fuss was about..its just a normal hawker centre except its a temporary one (albeit to recreate the atmosphere of the past) in the midst of orchard Road? i wan to say which food is more popular, but due to the kiasu attitude of most pple & the novelty of having a big hawker centre in orchard road, there were long queues at every stall. I had the chicken rice and it was ok.. just that it was weird they provided fork and spoon to eat rice in a bowl. -_-!

We were sitting across this table of homosexuals though. Which almost ruined my appetite. I'm not against gays or anything, but I'm against sissy behaviour. & girly behaviour. Particularly from Men. I mean, I dun care wat ur sexual preference is, but you don't have to behave like a girl if you choose to make ur bod as buffed and beefed up as Arnold the terminator rite? when i see girls whining, i feel like slapping them. when i see men whining, i can't help but cringe and my insides all turn to mush (as in the kind of mush that makes u wan to puke). When i see Beefy men whine (at other beefy men), i have to use all my willpower to restrain myself from puking and after puking, giving them a good hard kick in their balls to make them behave the only manly way they know how to. urgh. henceforth, i've realised i'm sissy-phobic.

today went to simlim, walked ard until my legs hurt and apparently, there's a major MP3 player sale on the first floor. cos it was all branded gds, not that cheap, the cheapest was $199. not worth it.

frens jio-ed me to watch midnite Brotherhood. actually was supposed to be evening show. But, didn't noe it was still so popular, tried to book it bout an hour b4 the show and there was oni 3 seats left. BOOOO..


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