Wednesday, August 04, 2004

guosen treated me & stan to curry fish head today.. as a thank u for helping him with his comp ;) once again.. they underestimated their apetites and we had not enuff to eat again.. i'm hungry now le.. :S but it was VERY good curry fish head, at jurong west.. i'm a fish head freak.. the eyes (& the meat under the eyeball) are the best parts! yum..

had an interview this morning, gd chance but crossing my fingers.. not very sure wat they're looking for actually..

finished a book on child abuse: "Wounded Innocents & Fallen Angels" by Gregory K Moffatt..
it tells of the different types of child abuse and child aggression and their symptoms, how adults/parents actually can help the child get over these traumas and prevent any major disaster from happening like suicide/murder etc. From Amazon.com, the book description reads: Moffatt addresses the two sides of this cycle of violence, including examples from clinical case studies and treatment options. He details crimes against children, ranging from Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, sexual and physical abuse, neglect, filicide, and infanticide, and addresses aggression committed by children against other people, property, and self, including self-mutilation and suicide. I found the book very informative.. although i realise i'm quite a anorexic person (fitting most of the symptoms except puking my food and thinking i'm fat) and i'm also suicidal. :( but some of the cases really shocked me. One of it was a girl who witnessed her father raping and killing her playmate. He had locked her in the front while and raped the fren at the back in full view of his daughter, after which he smashed the playmate's head against the van's floor until she died. and then he threatened his daughter not to tell anyone or she would die too. WHAT KIND OF SICK BASTARD IS THIS? the daughter was only aged 6 years then. and she suppressed the memory until 20 years later when she saw a psychiatrist for depression. There really should be a school for parents. or at least lock all these psychos up instead of letting them become parents who kill kids or other kids.


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