Thursday, July 29, 2004

I stayed up til 4am to read this book last nite..
reminded me of this book: similar to Tony Parson's "Man and Boy".. typical British humour..

it was good, real life humour interspersed with serious issues like pregnancy, fatherhood, miscarriages and how a couple deals with these humongous changes without losing their love for each other. quite a touching novel.. but Tony Parsons still wins in the tears department; his every book never fails to make me cry. (i'm not a easily touched person by books or movies by the way...) speaking of movies, Big Fish also left me in tears at the end of it when the son was telling the story to his dad in his last moments. ahh.. i haven't watched a movies in eons .. spiderman was ages ago... when will i get to watch a movie again!?

met up with the guys at NTU today and also saw a online fren for the first time.. he's in NTU comp engin too.. but oni today then finally we waved to each other in the LT. and strangely, today i saw lotsa pple from the past. mostly from my sec sch though.. and i saw at least 4 of these pple.. :)


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