Saturday, July 24, 2004

bought my very first cap today. check it out!

my new adidas cap

nice? heh.. not really my very first, the first ever was bought at Hard Rock in Beijing but totally uncool so i didn't wear it anywhere.. Kuishinbo buffet change le!! dun go there anymore, its not worth it.. me and wei ate until we almost died and then we went to tk a sloooow walk in suntec. she wanted to go to royal sporting house so i went in and tried on the caps for fun.. turns out this one looked really good and i've been looking for a cap so decided to buy it at sale price.. :) so happy..

after that we split up cos i was supposed to pass a cd to a fren.. tot that person told me he working ar cineleisure this weekend.. i reached there to find no roadshow. a little puzzled, sms-ed the person oni to realise he was working at causeway point!! argh!! wasted my bus fare, decided to spend some alone time at kino instead.. saw the new shopaholic book, but it was kinda ex so cheapskate me decided to visit the library instead.. turns out all the copies the library had was on loan or reserved. damn. in the end borrowed "The tessaract" by Alex Garland (author of the beach starring leo dicaprio..), science of harry potter and 2 books on photoshop & fireworks. determined to learn something in my zobo days.

time to do my jap hw.. some girl at the last lesson told me the answers were all at the back of the text book. -_-! but i won't be looking. :P


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