Thursday, July 15, 2004

found out my ex getting attached. so fast. and i noe the girl. dunno why. it made me cry alot. he said i hurt him alot. by telling him that i wanted to be with hp when he finalli made up his mind bout me. was i supposed to know that? i had been on hold for so long. as Rachel from frens put it: "i didn't break up with you becos i stopped loving you, i broke up with you becos i was angry." i was angry i nv was able to be wat he wanted. i was angry that i had already changed so much for him but he didn't realise i wanted some security. haiz. its too late, i guess i've done him too much wrong and hurt to deserve him anymore.

i'm sorry for all the hurt. and i hope u'll be happy with her. but i hope i'll still be some one special in your heart.


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