Wednesday, July 07, 2004

today was an eye-opener. and i'm glad, i got back my appetite. (which is still enormous, by the way) and my energy level too. phew. so i wasn't going to die. heart feels lightened considerably, at least one of my problems has been solved.

oh yah, spiderman 2 is a must watch.. although tobey mcguire is a little too old (esp in the close-up shots of his face and pores) nevertheless, the spidey suit does a good job of covering his face up and the action scenes were soooo exciting!! heart stopped when he fell etc, and when otto octavius were killing the hospital personnel, pratically the whole cinema was screaming along with the victims. argh.. his fren harry osborn is really tasty looking though :P dun save your money le.. remember to catch the movie!


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