Monday, June 28, 2004

today was not a good day. found out some horrid and prolly life-changing news. haiz. i dun feel well.

sitting in a polyclinic today totally reminds us of how the country's healthcare system sux. is the National Healthcare Group privatised? cos everyone got pretty angry waiting for an avg of 45 min b4 seeing the doctor. it wasn't that there were tons of people, it was the same few people coming in and out, and the doctor took a break of at least 5 minutes btw each patient. COME ON@!!! people are dying out here!! then there was this man who prolly waited a long time to see the doctor, after that he was supposed to go to the next room to change his wound dressing or something but he waited another half hour for that. he got impatient and went to ask the nurse but she just told him she didn't get his file and he had to wait his turn. the man saw red and started spewing vulgarities. he went back to the doctor to demand his file and apparently, the doctor was still holding on to the file. another woman was complaining bout how the doctor told her to go beg the reception for a smaller number if she dun wan to wait anymore. my god. some one should do something bout the polyclinics.


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