Monday, June 28, 2004

i got a new phone! for free! haha.. not really, but my dad has the annual $500 voucher from singtel so he let me and my sis get new phones. :) i got the nokia 6610i, the screen resolution is actually not as gd as 6610. hmm.. at least now i have a nokia camera phone as well.. my sis got a LG7120, its her first flip phone so she's really excited about it :) after that they got pillows at the taka fair as well..

my dad brought us to the old airport road food centre for dinner, and i dunno why but my mom started throwing tantrums.. (!?) yah, she does that all the time. we're so used to it we just ignore her. my dad was like ordering the food and she refused to give any suggestions, yet after my dad ordered the stingray she made tons of remarks like it looked yucky and all. my dad got quite exasperated with her but at least he managed to stay patient still. i was a little irritated so i asked her to tell my dad wat she wanted to eat but she just became sullen and sulked in her seat. me and my sisters rolled our eyes at each other and just pretended my mom wasn't there. how dumb was that, a 45 year old woman sulking for nothing. the food came and it turns out that the stingray was really good (although it really looked dry) and my dad tried to pacify my mom by taking some for her but she just said she wasn't hungry and refused to eat anything. DUH. bochup, we all just eat lor. after a few unsuccessful attempts to ask my mom to eat, my dad gave up and just enjoyed the food too. oh well. dunno wat the hell is wrong with her, how on earth are we supposed to respect her if she does things like that all the time?


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