Sunday, June 27, 2004

damn it.. another draw :( the bookies must be really happy.. stupid penalty shootouts. yesterday was quite fun, took pictures for the straits times article, so buy your Straits Times this THURSDAY!! :) then bought a new pillow at the taka household fair and new underwear at the tangs sale too.. erm.. lets just say i'm happy i need a change in my underwear size.. :P There's this mega singtel fair there too, so just go on down to check things out..

some highlights of the match btw holland and sweden:

"He ate my cake!!!"
"Shut up you tattletale!"

"kiss me you fool.. you must kiss me for the team to win.."

"let's do the cha cha while he prays for the rain"

keke... i'm so boliao.. pictures are courtesy of soccernet.com.


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