Saturday, June 19, 2004

my sis treated us to dinner at boon lay raja restaurant.. sort of a father's day celebration, and i treated bout $40 as well? heh.. the shark's fin was gooood.. but barely enuff for all 5 of us.. yum..

there was a wedding dinner going on at the same time and it was quite a horrible situation for the bride and groom. firstly, they always make this grand entrance during weddings rite? well.. all their tables were inside, nearer to the stage and the people along their path were all people like us who dun give a damn bout their wedding. so ... the dry ice and the lighting weren't helpful as the photos of them entering the restaurant showed background of pple who weren't even looking at them. after that, cos they were a christian couple, the MC read out a prayer they wrote in mandarin which sounded very very cheesy. like all christians, the groom thanked the Lord Almighty for everything during his speech, and he also thanked his parents for their hard work all these years by presenting to them flowers and a gift. (DUH!!!) seems wrong, shouldn't he be saying something like "i'm going to be a filial son"? anyhow, the MCs (one speaking mandarin and one speaking english) were sucky. broken english, mandarin that made you cringe. the bride looked like she was in her late twenties, but she gave a very nice speech, which made me feel quite touched.. (although i can't remember wat she said le.. :P) anyway, we finished our dinner after their yum sengs and it pretty much gave us a headache. took some photos of dinner, haven uploaded them in the comp so will show them tomorrow... heh..

had quite a lousy morning. i slept until 12. wasted it. and then woke up to sneeze and sneeze. packed my room a little, finally all my CFA books are under my bed. so there's only 1 pile of magazines on the ground now haha.. hp came to find me in the afternoon and we just lazed ard cos i was sneezing and sneezing. had taken a pill so was too drowsy to go anywhere too.. boring..


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