Saturday, June 12, 2004

went JB today, did so many things with onli $50!! eyebrow trimmin is like only S$5, and the food is like half price etc etc. bought the frens dvd set as well. :) seasons 1-7. woohoo!!

veri pissed at the malaysia immigration. they are Sooooooo bloody slow. we queued for 2 hours at the checkpoint to get into JB and by the time we went in, it was 3.30pm. :( had lunch at a duck rice stall (first time i wandered to anywhere besides city square) it was pretty good! then after that when we left JB at 9+pm, we got stuck at the malaysia side again. only 4 counters were open. .... bloody inefficient. in comparison, when we reached the singapore side, the queues were quite long but there were like 8 counters open. and when the customs officer saw that alot more pple were coming in, they opened up 2 more counters. damn gd service! :) so proud to be a singaporean. sucky malaysian immigration.. :( wat a waste of time. reached home at like 11. tired sia...


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