Tuesday, June 08, 2004

2 tuition sessions today.. basically a day of zoboing.. rite now i'm tearing out stuff that i wanna keep from my old magazines.. classified into groups like health, food, recipes and so on.

saw 3-legged cat last week. dunno why it suddenly came to mind. abit of racking my brains for topics to write. it was realli pathetic, hobbling around, but i dunno wat to do with it.

am reading a article bout Psychosis. its a little coincidental how i come across this article in a one year old magazine (june 2003 Cleo) the same weekend i saw the poster in the mrt station. its supposed to be a loss of contact with reality. a little like the disease in Beautiful Mind, but no alter personalities kinda thing. the person will appear paranoid, thinking someone/something is stalking her/him, and also hear or see non-existent things. the person also starts to neglect her appearance, and isolates herself increasingly from others, besides having lotsa difficulty concentrating or falling asleep. in short, the person will start to behave and look psycho. (imagine someone with long straggly hair walking ard in pyjamas toking to invisible pple, kinda like sadako.. !!) aniway, if u come across anione with Psychosis symptoms, u could get a info booklet by calling 6389-2972 from the MOH..

saw an article on contraceptives too. did u noe there are 7 types of The Pill alone? so confusing, they all have different dosages of different hormones, mainly oestrogen and progestrogen, to stop ovulation.. *blurs*


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