Thursday, June 03, 2004

had a horrific nitemare last night. woke up still stuck in the nightmare. dreamt that i went mountain climbing and the scene was like in one of the movies where the rope hit a snag and the father had to sacrifice himself to save the daughter. then after that, the survivors started seeing things (including me) as we carried on our daily business. kept seeing vague figures moving towards me from the corner of my eyes and i woke up because i dreamt that i was in my bed and this white figure was approaching me. and i was paralyzed in my bed apparently. was trying to scream to my sisters for help but i didn't realise no sound was coming out. until my sis realli came in becos she heard a gasp from me when she walked past my room, i hadn't realise i had already woken up at that point where i was trying to scream for help. its like when she came in, i suddenli could see that the white figure approaching me was a far white frame of the door and a mobile she had made for me which had merged to become 1 figure due to my short-sightedness. despite the realization that i was awake (and safe), the fear was real and i could still hear my heart pounding. my sis was shocked that i was so scared cos she could feel my heartbeat as i held her hand to make sure i had oredi woken up.

wonder if this has anything to do with our visit to changi village and ECP last nite. could we have bumped into anithing dirty?


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