Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I bought a telescope today!! was on the mrt reading Today when i saw that carrefour was having a sale for their telescopes, only $49 and magnification of 175x.. WOOH!! anyway, set it up all ready to use, but turns out tonight is too cloudy to do any star gazing. ARGH.

zobo until cannot zobo at the office. was playing monopoly on my laptop towards the end of the day. with my boss right beside me. ... pretty lame. but its not my fault if she has no work to give me!! :(

it was quite a chore carrying the telescope back home. at peak hour i felt bad that my telescope was taking up a seat of its own, so i tried to carry it on my lap and almost killed the girl who sat down next to me.. haha.. the telescope was abit too tall for my lap and a little heavy so it toppled over when i wasn't holding on.. lucky for the quick reflexes of yours truly, she was safe from harm..:P

at wisma, this old guy, supposedly a security guard of somewhere came up the bus. when he sat down in front of me, he was reeking of alcohol and holding his head. my god. his life must be very sad to have to get drunk at 6 plus in the evening.


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