Saturday, May 22, 2004

just had a great meet up with some of the sixoneders.. only bout 8 of us met up, but it was gd enuff.. as usual, guys were pretty crappy, and got to see qunci's bf for the first time :) he's cute.. in the chubby sort of way.. but quite used to seeing her with nat le, so its a little weird. had dinner at thai express.. the waitress was realli enthu cos its her last week on the job :) congrats! hee.. later on we went to crepes and cream for desserts, and they gave us an extra bowl of sundae by mistake hehe.. ah well.. things are overpriced here anyway, at least that compensated for it..

was so blur i missed the stop at bukit batok. was thinking bout some things in the past, then suddenli looked up to see the bukit batok sign and the mrt doors closing. ARGH.. in the end i got off at gombak and waited another 10 minutes for the train back to bukit batok. and by the time i reached there, the last bus had gone, and i had to walk all the way out to the main road to take a cab. *sobz*

saw a green snake on my way out today.. it was bright green, lime green in fact and was more than a metre long. tot it was not alive until it suddenly curled upwards. (it was hung upside down on the fence..) YUCK!! was pretty scared but told my mom to get the security guard to do something bout it. dunno whether its still there though. creepy..


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