Tuesday, May 18, 2004

swam and suntanned today :) bliss... bliss to just do nothing.. haha..

slept til 10 plus this morning cos of some unexpected matters that cropped up last nite.. went for supper with hp to fong seng and it was soooo quiet there. after that, was on our way to explore singapore in his lorry when eliza called us to help her find jack. apparently, he's doing some insane thing to see her, walking the PIE in the middle of the nite. ARGH!! we were pretty irritated but in view of the fact that the idiot might kill himself, we went in search of him. found him but he bochup-ed us.. in the end he walked backwards and we had to go on since we were on the expressway.. lost him there and we couldn't find him after that. haiz. so silly. should have behaved more maturely. tk care u 2, dunno wat to do oso..

still realli sleepy, been dozing on and off the whole day. i'm getting old.


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