Friday, May 14, 2004

reached home like at 8pm.. the earliest i ever been home on a normal work day since i started work.. today there was nothing for me to do at work. NOTHING. fiddled with some power point stuff for a few hours, then some excel stuff. had long lunch. came back and fiddle abit here and there. figured out the usefulness of fireworks. (Macromedia fireworks that is..) its COOL! heh.. now i can make my websites super much more chio and powerful. then went shopping downstairs cos it was getting difficult to be pretending to be doing work. i think that's probably wat i've learnt the most. How to look busy when u have nothing to do. maybe i'll write a book on that. muahahahaha...

no plans on a friday night. ironical that today is like the most free i've been in a loooong time yet i've nowhere and nothing to do. ah well.. should prolly make use of the opportunity to rest i suppose.

I'm on the hunt for a new job. contract is not being extended cos they have nothing for me to do. (Kinda obvious huh) sad... but a little relieved. its kinda dead end, considering its all the fault of my dumb boss who didn't prepare anything (PC, employee pass) for me working here. DAMN IT. no wonder the turnover rate for the staff here is so high. please tell me of any lobangs k? haiz


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