Friday, May 07, 2004

tiring day. did nothing much haha.. bought my mom her mother's day present, a renoma bag from tangs.. hp fetched me to work today :) and he came to fetch me for lunch too.. we ate chicken rice at lucky plaza, a little overpriced and not that great.. just so-so. i personally feel that the far east stall's better. aniway, then went to his house in the evening. his darn comp giving probs in connecting to the net. i can't solve it yet but i refuse to admit defeat. will be attacking it again tomolo. !! met his bro's gf. erm. can onli say she's pretty rude and spoilt. but thats the first impression. actualli tot she looked quite cute until she started speaking. haiz. a pity. finalli gunbounding with the guys again! yay!


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