Monday, May 03, 2004

50 first dates - "The first kiss is always the best"

sweet movie. watched it with hp after work. his exams are over!! yay! but unfortunately, he starts his working life tomolo. argh.. oh well, i'm trying veri hard not to feel moody/PMS-y. trying veri hard to just love him with no holding back, without thinking of the wrongs and being jealous of things that nv happend. hmm.. aniway, was happy to see him :) learning to be as lame as him.. hehe.. he's a bad influence..

aniway, the movie was sooo funny. laughed realli hard. rob schneider esp. his crude antics as adam sandler's best fren are totalli gross but hehe.. hilarious. love his movies, not veri cultured but gd for cheering up. :) until my gastric pains overcame me. i bit my tongue 2 days ago. and i can't eat anithing today cos it hurt too bad to eat. and since i oni ate like a mouse, i got hungry at 3pm. n no time for dinner since movie was at 7, and work ended at 6.30. ate a few sushis during the movie but i was dying as i walked out of the theatre. veri long nv feel such sharp pains in the tummy area le.. could barely walk. hp got some actal (some antacid pills) for me from watsons which was supposed to be "fast-acting" but my pains only subsided when i reached home. which was an hour later. fast acting my foot! almost fainted on the LONG bus ride home.

then came home to realise stupid singtel sent me the results of their investigation. the reply letter explained to me wat GPRS was (as a comp sci degree holder, yah, i'm supposed to be clueless about that yah? thats y i used it and jacked up a phone bill so high???) DUH. then they explained to me wat i can use GPRS for. "this service allows u to access to the internet, intranet or email" . another DUH. how does that address my complain bout ur stupid service? then they crapped bout how they checked that the calls were made from my phone ETC ETC. fuking stupid. of course made from my phone. else how i used the internet? and they go on to say how my SIM card is unique and all that shit. "please be assured that our billing is in order" of course, its in order, thats the thing u do best at rite? ur customer service sucked. MISLEADING information to trick ur customers into using services. Charging them for things they tot was free. I'm NOT going to pay for this bill if its the last thing I do. last resort, going up to the news with singtel misleading their customers (as usual). "We trust to have addressed your concerns and thank you for using our services." FUCK U. not a single concern addressed btw, and i will definitely not be using ur services again. a unsatisfied customer will lose u 10 more. Singtel is going DOWN.


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