Tuesday, April 27, 2004

happy sia!! coloured, cut my hair and did treat ment too.. woohoo! promotion pricing of course but it looks gd.. :) so long nv pamper my hair liaoz.. although it took bout 2.5 hours..

work was no-brainer again today. haiz. as usual, efficient me finished up wat was assigned to me realli quickly, even took the initiative to clean out the cupboards and found some treasures inside, mainly souvenirs from some past events the company held. my boss even gave me the go-ahead to take ani of the souvenirs if i liked them.. hehe.. :) she realli couldn't find animore work to give me and told me i could leave earli if i wanted to.. thats y i was so free to sit so long at the salon hehe..

received my visa DEBIT mini! wooo!! haha.. it looks every bit as gd as on paper. now.. just have to wait for my next month's pay to start using it :P

my dark rings getting realli bad although i sleep 12+ every day.. WHY WHY WHY???!!


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