Tuesday, April 20, 2004

spent most of the day studying and stoning. the Nicoll highway business is dua zong (BIG news) but pity my side of the office can't see it. or i prolly haven figured out which is the golden mile complex from 33rd floors.. yes my myopia's getting worse, and everything looks the same from 33rd floors!! :S

spent my day reading and laughin my head off at the writings of Neville Nah's Husamalia's Den. he's hilarious. veri witty, sarcastic but not in the kinda way that offends anione. and no controversial stuff either just clean wit and sarcasm. :P

disgustingly warm weather. HUMID as well. melted into a puddle and prolly lost a kg of liquids. my sis says i look thinner. guess the best way to lose weight is not ani stupid diet programs but just to stand in the sun and sweat ur fats off. effective and cheap. best buy.


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