Monday, April 12, 2004

couldn't wake up. tot of taking MC again but felt a twinge at the loss of $70+ should i take an off day and miss work. in the end reached work at erm.. 9.15? slept the whole journey on the bus.. something which almost nv happens.. i can't sleep on buses unless i like nv sleep the nite b4 (this being the case) and could barely open my eyes at work. everything was a blur in my contacts which felt veri dry.. aniway.... finished up nearly all the ppt slides liaoz.. oni left 3 or 4 sets i think..yay~! prolly able to meet deadline liaoz.. :)

was supposed to treat hp to haagen dazs cos i was sooo craving for it but in the end, erm.. just bought him meadow gold hehe.. save money mah.. both ice cream.. quite romantic eating it along the river at the esplanade area.. yes.. thats where i go everyday.. i take bus to go home there, no choice.. we had dinner at marina sq and saw xiaxue eating dinner with her fren just when we were discussing her elimination from mydreamd8.com. tok abt coincidental.. hp was pretty sarcastic heh.. but not within her earshot.. aniway.. we walked ard and the wedding pple are like attacking us from all sides.. despite me thinking of marriage.. paying for a gown i hv not planned for yet.. n i hv no money for that too.. so it was kinda irritating.. :(

going to sleep earlier tonite.. can't take the bleary dark eye look in the office..


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