Wednesday, April 07, 2004

had a lonely lunch by myself. *sobz* abit off, but its quite nice actualli to just sit there and eat super slowly while reading the papers.. i went after the peak hours, 1+, so the food court was like quiet and not crowded at all.. couldn't get up this morning, my mom had to shout and shout b4 i finalli could get up. :S

was mulling over something hanping told me over lunch yesterday. he said i'm a veri lucky person. was veri surprised at this comment, cos i didn't consider myself lucki at all. he said it wasn't like the win money kinda luck but just that events occurring around me just seem to fall nicely into place because of a seemingly random event that i innocently triggered or did. which was veri strange cos i nv noticed it b4. then after lunch, we walked out of the esplanade to see our bus at the bus stop. ran to the bus stop and luckily, there was an old man toking to the driver for instructions which delayed the bus enuff for us to get on. once on the bus, hanping said that this was the kind of thing he was toking about. cos just b4 that I decided to go to the loo b4 going to the bus stop. i told it was just plain coincidence, but he said it didn't happen to him. I brought him luck. :)


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