Sunday, April 04, 2004

think there's a flu bug going ard. my tuition kid was coughing, hp is coughing, me sick, frens oso coughing.. this is sars evolved??

trying to triple-task, even quad-task here.. doing powerpoint, reading CFA text, watching TV (just now.. miss congeniality is super funny :) , chatting online.. erh.. wat else? bloggin apparently.. abit distracted here.. with a little headache and all the blowing of my nose as well.. erh where was i? yah.. as i said, i 'm pretty distracted.. realise my mind quite flighty, goes from one thing to another without stopping and that leaves me feeling quite tired in the end. mentalli drained. hmm.. but thats prolly why i can't sleep.. mind jumping everywhere at nite..


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