Friday, April 02, 2004

since everyone is entitled to their own opinion on their own blog, i would say PEACE to anione i've offended (veri few i think unless their fans oso are offended by me).. like them, i'm just entitled to my own 2 cents worth on my own blog, with veri veri veri veri few nasty comments liaoz, so do forgive me if i actualli do dish out some of these to pple that i realli feel veri veri veri strongly about (against?).

anihow. PEACE.

angry at wasting 2 hours watching passion of christ. argh. it makes me angry that the show was so brutal, that God didn't save him from all the cruelty. i dun understand how his sufferings redeemed the sins of the pple. why shouldn't the pple who sinned be the pple who suffer for them? so wat if the jews' temple was destroyed as Jesus prophesised? how did that punish theM? the whole movie was just bout how he was tortured by the pple he fought so hard to save. and how the soldiers seemed to enjoy flogging him. erh... i realli dun see the point of the movie. a normal human would have died or fainted at ani point of such torture. and the story of christ i oredi nearly knew by heart. so it pretty much gave me nitemares oni.. :( no offence to christians or anione here k? just my feelings.. (now have to make disclaimers.. sianz half)

not veri happy tonite.. haiz..


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