Friday, March 26, 2004

wat a gd day.. :) on cloud 9. had a great date, albeit it being short. Learnt alot, am more sure of things.. woohoo... ! can't stop smiling.. cos i feel sooo happY!!

aniway.. back to reality.. had a good lunch with my colleagues.. think one of them is a butch though.. she was dressed in those gangsta rapper style i was pretty horrified.. it was work after all.. but she's still a nice person.. so i won't comment on her sexual preference... we brought a philippines colleague to eat at mos burger as he hasn't tried it.. and went shopping after that.. G2000 was having a 25% off sale for UOB card members! hehe.. luckily i had money in the bank.. hee.. bought a translucent shirt that looks pretty cool and veri professional looking.. 25% off!! haha.. glad i hold the debit card..

then after that pia work until 6.15 and met hanping for dinner.. he actualli skipped his fren's bday in hall to meet me.. :S feel quite guilty bout that.. but we had a good dinner at out of the pan (raffles city) .. and the waiters weirdly were staring.. at me.. i'm always abit polite to waiters, scared they spit in my food etc.. maybe i looked realli gd in my new shirt? maybe it was cos me and hanping kept on sitting at the table long after we finished out meal to chat and we didn't notice there was a LONG queue of pple waiting for a table.. oops.. i dun like to hog tables but realli didn't see the queue.. had a long chat with him on the bus and got to noe him abit better.. pretty cool guy.. :P

hafta study for my CFA :( about 2 months left oni and i still have alot !! argh.. wish me luck?


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