Tuesday, March 16, 2004

today must be the busiest day at work. cos i oni had one PC to use.. and stupid pple had to come like oni at 5.30 and push all their tapes to me at one go and expect me to finish converting them b4 6pm.. hAllo!! if u record long clips, i can't help it if u choose to come out at the last min and have to wait! .. and the PC bloody hell coks up at the wrong period.. have to restart the comp each time i run NERO.. dumb software...

anihow.. i seemed to have mastered Pinnacle studio.. and benQ's stupid software.. their DVD-writer is sooooo slow.. almost killed myself waiting for the videos to finish burning while in a hurry..

sis came to eat lunch with me.. didn't have time to walk her into the exhibition though.. she wants the ring, i'll have to save up abit b4 i can buy it for her bday.. took a cab to work today.. wasted some money but at least i wasn't late.. sianz.. i betta get up earlier tomolo..

can't think much liao.. pretty brain dead.. i think i been toking in my sleep again.. my sis heard voices coming from my room at 4+am this morning.. argh.. classic sign of impending insanity.. :S


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