Sunday, March 14, 2004

suddenli realised this is gonna be wat it'll be like when i start working. no life, nothing interesting to blog bout everyday. argh.. today had a try at setting up one of those mini PCs.. the casing was pretty cool.. but it was totalli cramped inside.. no space to expand at all.. not a gd buy if u were one of those who keeps on upgrading the PC..

well.. at least i learnt quite a fair bit despite the long hours.. its realli the hands-on of these jobs that u learn alot despite the meagre pay.. learnt how to clamp my own LAN cables, set up alot of PCs., network blah blah.. our boss is realli nice.. keep giving us free stuff related to the exhibition and food oso.. :) haiz.. i feel pretty bad having to leave the rest when they're realli shorthanded.. but i hope they understand.. will miss these peeps.. :) esp sam who took quite gd care of me despite my jibes of him being old.. :P

ahh.. getting all sentimental.. feeling quite sianz.. realise i oni hang out with with a few pple nowadays.. was reading the new paper bout how pple find it hard to meet new frens/life partners once they're out of sch and i realised its true.. if i hadn't temped at so many diff places.. i wouldn't have known as many pple working at one perm stable job. and cos we're all menial labour, we empathise with one another and help everyone out.. no politics as compared to office job.. no real frenships in office jobs i feel, cos competition is there and no one realli trusts anione else too.. :( anihow.. i think the next off day i'm going to have is next sunday... argh.. going to work for 7 days straight through.. can't believe i have the discipline to go thru that..


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