Sunday, March 07, 2004

went to sim lim with hawx to find some electronics stuff.. not veri successful since wat he wanted wasn't cheap.. then had to help him find a nice shirt for his sis' wedding.. veri veri difficult task.. since he wasn't veri tall.. or veri bulky.. and not realli sure how casual the wedding solemnisation ceremony was so didn't realli noe wat to get.. gave him a few suggestions but didn't noe if he had the pants to match.. prolly will have to make a second trip down..

came back on 170 and it smelt like curry cos the whole bus was full of indians.. not to be rascist or anithing but the smell realli reminded me of curry.. a cute guy came up the bus but he was oredi attached i suppose, since there was a girl beside him.. although he did stare at me alittle.. ;P

starting work tomolo at science centre.. wish me luck!


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