Tuesday, March 02, 2004

damn it. can u believe in something so super coincidental?

after the emirates interview, the 3 guys in the interview were hanging ard. when we walked past, they sorta asked was anione taking cab to bukit batok? i was going home so i joined the bukit batok cab. there was in the end oni 2 of us so we chatted in the cab and turns out he stayed realli near the interchange so i decided to go there to get a bus. so i said i wanted to go interchange to find my mum who's working in a cake shop there. guess wat. his mom was too. i was like huh? turns out our moms worked in the same shop and knew each other!! .... however, when i reached there to have lunch, it turns out that they were not the best of frens. nope. total loggerheads in fact. the guy did not noe this (although he prolly has heard it from his mom by now).. so we just had lunch together and toked abit more b4 leaving. without exchanging numbers or anithing.

my mom was NOT happy. its realli veri TV serial.. like those triad shows where "we hate each other so our kids better not even be frens" kinda plot. was trying to sleep and was already hallucinating a little cos of my cramps (yes i'm having my period and my cramps has got to be the worst ever.. i can even feel the pain in my teeth and i feel like dying.. ) when my mom came back and shouted at me, "ARE U SURE U NV GIVE HIM UR NUMBER?? OR TOLD HIM WHO I WAS??" and started on and on again bout how mean his mom was at the shop when she worked there .... pls lah.. after u warned me at the cake shop?? ... abit the stupid though. his mom was mean but he was ok nice mah. aiyah.. aniway i didn't leave him ani contact details so just stop bugging me about it.. this has got to be the most weirdest of coincidences i ever had.. :X


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