Saturday, February 28, 2004

think i got a job selling mp3 players in the upcoming creative warehouse sale 12-14 march! peeps who wanna buy anithing tell me earlier k? then can kope the best offers for u guys :)

today went to the AA2004 again.. with boi boi cos he had free tix and to hand in my time sheet.. there was a new item in the air display today.. 3 choppers doing stunts.. hehe.. cool.. i'm glad i went although i think i just pushed my skin over the burning threshold.. i look like a beach babe now.. erm.. ok.. a person who stays out in the sun alot.. muahaha... aniway, first time i went to the show in non-uniform.. & was pleasantly surprised to see pple smile at me in recognition still.. some even came up to tok to me and ask me how come there were no m1 girls around.. had to explain our job was over.. :P pretty cool.. guess i didn;t look that crap i guess.. just bimbotic.. hahaha..


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