Monday, February 23, 2004

wat a great day. the sky was clear without clouds and the weather was windy as well. perfect setting for an air display of fighter jets of the best pilots in the world. The US air force was spectacular, doing loops and maneuvres that one only sees in movies like Top Gun. They wowed everyone with their stunts and speed, esp with their sharp and crisp execution of their upward climb towards the sun and downward sudden descent that brought a gasp to everyone's lips. The Indian air force was oso spectacular with their 9-plane formation and their execution of the 2 planes flying toward each other oni to avoid each other at the last min was another breathtaking display as well of their practised and well-trained aviation skills. I'm looking forward to seeing the display tomolo again. :) in the midst of uploading the photos and the vids of the show so do be patient :) this is one of the best display by the indian air force: check out the video clip of their flying prowess as well.

today, we just gave out leaflets regarding switching of their network to m1 at the show to win lucky draw price of a sony handycam. the angmohs exhibitors were veri frenli and they gave us caps, badges and took photos with us to promote their own displays as well. Towards the end of the afternoon, i was learning how to blade as one of the blading promoters fell sick and had to go home but she left her blades there. i could move about 5m!! yay! hehe.. and then the US pilots came over to our booth and asked to take photos with us. which was realli flattering!! :P and they took our emails down and promised to send copies of the photos to us as well.


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