Thursday, February 19, 2004

came back from the dream date launch pretty happy.. that's cos i won a logitech clicksmart 310!! hehe.. some sms contest.. then took a photo with lynn by the singtel photographers.. the contestants didn't realli look that great.. but i guess they can write.. haha..

then came home decided to give up my trusty tdk cd burner to my dad and install the dvd-writer instead. since he needs it and i dun need 2, might as well give it to him.. got a big cut from the stupid logitech box. damn it. cardboard cuts pretty deep.. *sobz* .. the blood flowed out in a big bubble.. was pretty incapacitated for a while.. :S painz.

now going to eat dinner.. veri sad.. i told my mom to leave dinner for me and she didn't. now there's nothing to eat and i oni had had 1 meal today. feel like crying man... now i noe how the poor hamster feels when we forget to feed it :(


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