Sunday, February 15, 2004

had a gd v day :) watched along came polly and it was realli funny.. haha.. full of sexual innuendoes and gross jokes.. hank azaria esp was hilarious.. he stole the show with his french accent and his nudity act.. MUAHAHAH... can't remember who ben stiller's boss was in the show.. he looked awfully familiar though.. and ben stiller was a little weird.. he was "cok-eye" and his neck seemed veri stiff.. weird.. jennifer aniston was veri delicious in the show.. as usual :) her acting was gd, but some how, just like matthew perry, in the movies, there's the hint of their Friends character in watever role they play..

had dinner at Bali Thai, quite ex, but we ordered quite alot of food, and we were super filled up. their tom yam soup's gd.. and we were lucky we went to enquire bout the seats earlier. everywhere had a long queue... it was pretty appalling at the number of people ard.. at least restaurants have a chance to recuperate their losses during this one day of the year..


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