Sunday, February 08, 2004

went for the NTU bike rally today. in the midst of uploading the photos... anihow... damn tired.. the whole trip was 100km.. but i KO-ed at 55km. not that i couldn't finish, just that i rested too long at a bus stop before that cos my fren said i was looking dehydrated after i climbed up a particularly long stretch of slope.. i think i was too.. was halluccinating abit and just focusing on moving my feet without looking at the road. that leg was particularly long, from seng kang to pasir ris park. and since i had no sense of how far it was, which was bout 20km, i just cycled doggedly on all by myself, while the guys had already moved to the front of the pack.. i was determined to cycle all the slopes instead of walking and almost made it liao but having had no liquids for that 20km, and i had cycled for bout 15km for about 2hours from 12 -2pm, i was dying from heatstroke haha.. especialli since hawx caught me just after i had climbed up a veri veri long slope, i was too tired to even answer him when he asked if i was ok. we stopped at a bus stop after that and i struggled to get off the bikes cos by then, my legs were all jelly. felt better after a drink and since we were resting, took alot of silly pictures.. haha.. after that got picked up by the lorry, cos i was the last cyclist.. poor hawx didn't get to cycle himself cos of us slow riders..

damn shagged now.. going to sleep liao... more bout the trip tomolo..


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