Tuesday, February 03, 2004

wat a tiring day.. headache came back, with a horribly runny nose and nearly fainted on the bus.. my head was throbbing so badly that any sudden movement was a chore. went for the interview and they tried to convince me to be a financial advisor instead. why?! the money looks gd but i have to pay to sit some exams to be able to be an advisor. which i dun have rite now! $200+ is not little considering my financial situation now.. :( anihow, i totalli am not cut out for sales, should i even think about it? i wanna be a writer~! haiz.. think i'll call the person tomolo to give myself more time to think. my head stop hurting on the bus but on the way back it started to hurt again. i better see a doctor soon. sent out a lot more resumes.. and sisters magazine is looking for a writer, i have to think of something to write in chinese and send them too.

did u noe that hara-kiri actualli involves disembowelment? its not just suicide, its the slitting of the stomach (which the japanese saw as the centre of all emotions), then pulling out all the intestines and then beheading just enuff to die but not let the head roll off. its an art, and to be chosen to behead a compatriot is realli an honour, as the movie mentioned. wow. hara kiri is nearly an art by itself liao.. erk..


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