Saturday, January 31, 2004

had the worst nitemare. dreamt of 2 boys who were playing ard the lake and were jumping into the water when they crashed into each other and hit their heads and died. i was lounging in the lake in the dream and was horrified by it. my sister who was beside me was crying. i had to pull her to shore using a nemo (?!) float and i dunno wat happened, but she got beheaded. try as i may i couldn't remember by wat. it was probably too shocking so my memory blanked it out. only remembered the scene of dragging her body without the head up to the house vividly and my parents refusing to believe it. :( the time after that was even worse, it started to rain so heavily the house began to resemble a fish tank. the water levels rose steadily such that it was higher than the windows and since we did not find my sister's head, i kept dreading it floating up to my window. even though it was just a dream, i would totalli get a heart attack. woke up feeling emotionalli drained. if my sister realli died in real life, i dunno how i would go on with life. totalli can't imagine life without them. in the dream i already felt realli lost and the loss of willpower to get on with life, if it was for real i could possibly just lie in bed crying for weeks. :( wat a horrible horrible nitemare.


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