Friday, January 23, 2004

went to my aunt's house today and i didn't even noe she moved house liao.. it was weird not being able to run from her house to my other aunt's house in the opposite blk animore..but at least she doesn't have to clean up a big house by herself animore.. her new year goodies were still the best.. stuffed my face full at her place.. :)

then had dinner at my 2nd aunt's place... she cooked the best dinners with all my fav food.. hainanese steamed chicken, mushrooms with fa cai, lotus soup that was realli realli gd.. and lup chiong (the preserved sausage thing) :) felt sooo bloated after my dinner and i seldom can say this, but i was truly full after dinner haha..

then just sat down and watched tv while the adults toked.. quite a gd relaxing day :)


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