Sunday, January 18, 2004

went to d/l all the versions of La Vie en Rose (a song meaning "the life of a rose") after watching Love me If u Dare, realised the one they used in the show was sang by Louis Armstrong. its realli classic.. veri soothing.. another recommendation is Burt Bacharach - I'll Never Fall In Love.. this song is pretty cheeky.. sounds like those classic old songs but is actualli part of the sound track of austin powers 2.. hmm.. was looking thru my mtv collection and saw a spoof made by the Kollaboration team.. they're the Korean-americans in US who has this talent competition every year and its realli realli wow.. aniway back to the MTV. was looking at the veri funny spoof so decided to d/l the real MTV (Usher - I Need A Girl (part 1)) and it made the spoof even more funny.. :) u'll have to see both to understand..

realised i'm pretty into R&B, especialli the ones by Usher and other black artistes.. Shanghai Sally was playing r&B the whole nite last nite.. but u can't realli dance to R&B unless u have some one realli close to u.. i can't dance with strangers.. but Angeline forced me down to the dance floor after oni one drink so i had no choice but to bop along with her.. the music was gd, but i just am too self-conscious.. and i dunno how to dance aniway.. been listening to the Media Player's tuner system and found a japanese station (i-Radio) introducing dance music which is actualli black R&B.. got myself a few new songs in my collection thanks to them :) "Don't mess with my man" by Nivea is pretty good and "Crazy in Love" by Beyonce is not bad too.. veri upbeat ;)


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