Wednesday, January 14, 2004

did nothing the whole day.. napped after lunch for bout 3 hours.. and woke up feeling even more tired than b4.. its the kind of restless sleep that u dunno whether u're realli sleeping or just closing ur eyes.. :( now veri sleepy...

went to raffles place to collect a txtbook i bought off an online seller.. had nothing to do after that so i sat at the plaza outside uob building to read and enjoy the breeze and the scenery.. the evening scene is very slow-paced, very relaxed.. quite enjoyed sitting there reading my book..

met boi boi in evening for his dinner, at 10pm.. :S i ate dinner at home luckily, else i would have starved to death. it started raining on my way back and i was drenched.. now sneezing like mad :( am i so weak?


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