Tuesday, January 13, 2004

went to NTU to find the guys today.. had a gd time playing NFS underground during their lecture :) after that we went for lunch at hall 9 canteen.. so nice they actualli had JAP food!!! our hall food sux... and it was nicer than the arts canteen jap food too.. !

after that went to cut my hair at SuperCuts.. nv been there b4 so went to try.. damn it.. all the salons charging for new year liao.. it was damn ex.. $29..!! nv spend so much on cutting hair b4.. but quite pleased with the results aniway.. :) i dunno why, but i always feel pretty euphoric after a hair cut.. maybe its something in the air.. :P

watched paycheck and it turned out to be quite a gd show.. the plot was a little futuristic but the unfolding of it was pretty cool. luckily there wasn't as much of uma thurman as i expected, so it was pretty enjoyable :) dun realli like her after watching kill bill.. the theme about predicting the future being the root of all destruction is quite true.. we always want to noe the future and take steps to prevent wat we dun like. but wat if that is another way we die as well? hmm.. a little mind-boggling..

die.. i'm still rushing the essay for the MOE job..


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