Friday, January 02, 2004

went shopping with andy today.. i was flat broke and he had to pay for everything.. which was realli nice of him.. g2000 was having a sale and he needed some work shirts so we went to take a look.. unfortunately, ZARA was having a sale as well ... :P and ended up that he bought me a shirt and a skirt since i had no money and needed some clothes for interviews and stuff.. my first set of proper work clothes.. haha.. maybe finalli the interviews will come in? hehe.. then after that at heeren saw the blue halter that looked realli sweet, erm.. in the end he bought me that too.. :) some new clothes for the new year :)

had veri veri bad diarrhoea this morning.. the sharp pain in my tummy woke me up from my sleep at 5 am and i went to the toilet in agony.. felt like puking but didn't.. in the end went to the toilet a couple more times btw 6-7am and then fell asleep exhaustedly until 12pm.. i woke up then cos my tummy was hurting realli badly again.. think i kena-ed food poisoning somehow.. :(


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