Friday, December 26, 2003

okie.. i was too sleepy to enjoy JB that much.. worse still.. there was a 1hr+ wait at the malaysian checkpoint.. malaysian officers are so damn inefficient!!! there were 6 queues.. but oni 4 counters open.. and the queues were crawling along veri veri slowly.. almost fell asleep a few times standing up.. prolly fainting from hunger too.. when we finalli reached city square, andy did not allow me to buy a single pirated game :( sianz.. now have to burn from my fren.. wanted to get Need for Speed Underground since it only costs RM7!! so cheap... *sobz*.. aniway.. i sorta stoned thruout lunch.. did things realli slowly.. and walked around in abit of a daze.. bought a new hp cover and a cute winnie the pooh notepad for realli low prices.. but didn't buy much else.. wanted to buy a MNG top but it was outta my size.. we decided there was nothing much to do there so left b4 the working crowd hit the causeway..

so sleepy now.. think i'll go sleep..


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