Saturday, December 20, 2003

stupid LOTR is sold out everywhere and i can't access all the cinemas' websites.. neither can anione else actualli.. reached PS at 6 to find out all the shows for LOTR after 7.30 are sold out for the day.. wasted my time going down.. and rushed down despite the pouring rain too... in the end just went for pasta at taka (my fav place the pasta cafe) :) love the sambal marinara but today's was below standard.. it was pouring buckets and the underpass btw wisma and taka was jammed again.. we tried to go above ground to walk but realised the rain was so heavy it could possibly kill anione without an umbrella... by raining them to death that is.. :S had a brownie at coffee bean for dessert and my fav ice blended pure choc too :) a veri satisfactory outing..

tomolo going to be a long day :( have a CFA seminar at 9.30am and then supposed to visit pasar malam with 61ders.. then bash at zouk to support xh.. wah.. i hope i can survive..


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