Monday, December 15, 2003

watched infernal affairs 3 today.. it wasn't that gd.. but the plot twists and final ending was realli unexpected.. it realli showed the results of being evil.. and the horridness of being trapped by your own mind with no escape.. haiz.. the acting was good though.. although the director tried too hard to explain lotsa things in the movie.. him trying to be abstract and the constant flashbacks gave me a headache though.. and i was quite confused as to wat was going on at first.. at least the 61ders got together again.. prolly watching LOTR next week.. looking forward to that.. :)

after the movie we went to bayde's room in NTU to hang out.. nice big room.. and shilun was taking an afternoon nap.. haha.. we just played gunbound to pass some time b4 dinner and it was realli fun to be playing with them in the same room physicalli as we could shout strategies to each other.. more atmosphere i must say.. then after that went to see their lion dance practice.. it was quite cool.. as in .. it made me realise how much i missed the activity.. my hands were aching to play the drum and the cymbals.. :S ahh.. another activity i lose with my school days..


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