Wednesday, December 10, 2003

its strange how life turns out. love appears when u least expect it, and in the strangest ways as well.. as quoted in Love Actually, "Love actualli is all around us"

zaiyuan still veri cynical bout relationships.. i dunno how to tok to him cos everytime he chats, he will bring this up.. haiz.. he keeps asking me how i persist in believing and trying even after so many failed attempts but i dun realli noe the answer.. i just think that cos my mind is less complicated (albeit more pessimistic), its easier for me to believe in the gdness of man and believe in myself.. i kinda believe that some one loves me for being me is out there, and i nv have to fear that no one loves me cos there is still my frens and family ard me. i just try to be a gd fren as best as i can to everyone, and in the long run, i believe i will be rewarded.. abit of karma involved, like i hurt pple b4 therefore if i'm hurt, its a little of retribution.. i mean, when i see frens happy cos of me, i already feel veri happy as well.. :) simple pleasures of life i suppose. :)


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