Thursday, December 04, 2003

argh... didn't get to go jurong swimming complex :( was informed by xinhuan last minute to meet at 11am at park mall oni at 10 am.. and i slept at 5am! ... was so sleepy... then went to the interview with brain half dead.. turns out they can help me look out for perm job oso.. so i was quite happy..

was supposed to meet the guys at jurong at 2pm.. but the product training took such a long time by the time i was halfway there the guys wanted to leave liao.. :( in the end just had dinner with them after i went to zhiwen's house to meet them and thrash them at soul excalibur with a record win of 6 games :)

now filling in my names on tons of brochures.. tomolo working at marine parade :( hope the weather is not too bad..


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