Friday, November 28, 2003


finalli, exam over.. now i'm no longer an undergraduate but a graduate.. yahoo!!! :)

the exam i couldn't finish ;( the stupid paper was basicalli asking for the whole pdt development process.. wat a big waste of time... then had to rush down to expo.. the job's pretty ez, i just stand around giving leaflets and attend to enquiries. i heard that the dvd-rw selling for $199 was sold out within the first 2 hours of the fair.. i hope i'm still getting the free one as promised.

my stupid contact lences broke today. it had to choose today of all days to break. it cracked when i was washing it and i was like "huh???" cos it nv happened b4. its been less than 2 years.. going to demand a discount.. damn shop.. hate to have to wear my specs esp out.. my nose is so small my specs keep slipping down.. and i look so grandma when that happens..

i got into Barclays' second round of recruitment!!!! I'm so happy!! now i'm supposed to submit my resume online and wait for interview i think.. i hope they dun reject me cos of my results though :( its realli not a true show of my capabilities.. i just made a mistake in choosing computing... :( hope all goes well..


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