Friday, November 21, 2003

zaiyuan came back from australia liao... keep asking me to go chiong but i live at home now.. :S met up with him and bayde and hl at chinatown.. we went to look at bicycle parts and then he had lunch in this building where the basement had nothing but travel agencies.. i nv been to chinatown b4 so i was quite amazed.. (yah suaku again..)

went to marina square to walk around.. was surprised that zy had become so vain.. haha.. he took such a long time choosing shoes and the whole outing basically became his shopping trip and us giving opinions. he must have had a veri bad experience with a girl cos his whole outlook on relationship became to just earn more money to attract pretty girls.. a veri disillusioned view of love and girls basically. i was reluctant to comment too much but i didn't like his ideas veri much. nice girls who are NOT materialistic still exist and they do believe in true love lor.. (like myself.. )

found out that bayde and the rest going to be working in Sitex next week as well.. but without basic pay, purely working on commission.. gd luck... :S at least i have some confirmed lunch money.. but at least things are livened up with the guys there as well..

we walked ard taka for so long my feet are totalli hurting. walking in heels that are oni 2 inches are killing me.. how do supermodels wear >3 inches and stand ard?? their feet must be dead.. arghh... but at least zy treated us to dessert at coffee club after that to make up for all that walking.. taka having a christmas toy fair.. ALOT of transformers toys for sale.. boi boi.. go and see!! u'll be veri happi.. :) ALOT of little twin stars and hello kitty stuff on sale too.. but all veri ex.. wat a pity.. else i would have bought the twin star stuff..

haiz. thinking bout the happier times again. :(


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