Monday, November 17, 2003

tots of u keep creeping into my mind, be it when i'm waiting for a bus, or when i'm walking alone.. anitime i have a chance to gather my tots, i realise they're of u. watever u said b4 just keeps returning to haunt me..i hear david tao's songs & it brings ur face to my eyes.. saw alot of viewcams today at simlim which reminded me of u.. waited half an hour for the bus to go home and it only served to remind me of how we walked to bugis from the 170 terminal in the rain.. and everytime i take a bus to bugis.. i just remember the nite u gave me a star seemingly from thin air. haiz. :( i realli dunno how u can bear to do this. to me, to us. and it was all only a few weeks ago..


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